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MSC Voyagers Club2024-02-27T17:14:17+04:00

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What is the MSC Voyagers Club?2022-02-03T09:25:34+04:00
MSC Voyagers Club is the Loyalty Program dedicated to MSC Cruises guests. It is MSC Cruises’ way of rewarding its most loyal customers.

Please see the MSC Voyagers Club terms & conditions for further details.

Why should I register to the MSC Voyagers Club?2022-02-03T09:24:24+04:00

Because it’s free and easy to join! Being a member of the MSC Voyagers Club is a great way for cruise lovers to experience life on board and ashore. It gives you great privileges and services. The more you cruise with MSC, the more you will see your privileges increasing.

Please see the MSC Voyagers Club terms & conditions for further details.

How can I register to the msc voyagers club?2022-02-03T09:24:14+04:00
Membership is open to everyone who has cruised at least once with MSC since 2006 or has a confirmed booking with MSC. You can register:
  • Before embarkation: by completing the “Become a Member” form available at or directly clicking the link on the booking confirmation document or the link on the e-ticket issued once booking is confirmed. It is also possible to register during the online Check-In.
  • On board: by completing the subscription form available at the Reception-Guest Service and/or MSC Voyagers Club Infopoint.
  • Post-cruise: by completing the “Become a Member” form available at
Please see the MSC Voyagers Club terms & conditions for further details.
I am under 18 years old; can i register for the MSC Voyagers Club?2022-02-03T09:23:55+04:00
What are the MSC Voyagers Club membership levels?2022-02-03T09:23:06+04:00
  • There are 5 levels of MSC Voyagers Club membership:
    • Welcome membership: at least 1 confirmed booking
    • Classic membership: from 1 to 2.199 points
    • Silver membership: from 2.200 to 4.299 points
    • Gold membership: from 4.300 to 9.999 points
    • Diamond membership: from 10.000 points

    The number of MSC Voyagers Club points earned will determine the level of membership. MSC Voyagers Club members will earn points based on:



    EXPERIENCE Cruise under
    6 days – 5 nights
    Cruises from
    6 to 10 days –
    5 to 9 nights
    Cruises of more than
    10 days – 9 nights
    Bella 200 points 500 points 700 points
    Fantastica 400 points 700 points 1000 points
    Aurea 600 points 1000 points 1500 points
    MSC Yacht Club 800 points 1500 points 2000 points


    100 points for every $/€ 150 of pre-paid services purchased before the cruise on MSC packages and services included in the cruise booked.

    ON-BOARD EXPENSES: 100 points for every $/€ 150 spent on board (excluding casino expenses). Assigned points for onboard expenses (including pre-boarding purchased shipboard credit) will only be applied to the MSC Voyagers Club Card holder making the final payment.

    All points are credited to the member’s account after the cruise is completed. Please see the MSC Voyagers Club terms & conditions for further details.

Where/when willI receive my MSC Voyagers Club card?2022-02-03T09:22:12+04:00
  • Your membership card corresponds with your cruise card delivered on the first day of your cruise. The cruise card is the key to your cabin and it is also your onboard payment method. Every guest will receive a cruise card.
    Please see the MSC Voyagers Club terms & conditions for further details
What are the priviledges of each MSC Voyagers Club level?2022-02-03T09:22:55+04:00
  • Being part of the MSC Voyagers Club will give access to a series of privileges before-during and after the cruise. Discover the full list of privileges here!
    Please see the MSC Voyagers Club terms & conditions for further details.
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